Part 1: The Observed Unseen
A. The Observed
B. The Unseen
C. The Watcher
Part 2: Gravity
Part 3: Electromagnetism


Everything around us is part of the universe.

You, me, every object you ever touched, our solar system, every galaxy....
But why the universe exists and how exactly things operate, nobody knows.

The Theory Of The Observed Unseen reveals a fresh perspective on the universe. It offers a humble explanation for some huge mysteries.




The word ‘universe’ is of Latin origin, and means ‘The Turned Into One’, ‘The All Together’.


Defining everything around us comes down to what we are able to observe, distinguish, recognize and connect with.


How do we connect with everything around us? With our senses and our consciousness.
A world exists in our mind, based upon what we get in from our surroundings.  Nothing more than processed electrical signals in our head, defines what we call real.


So, is everything an illusion?


In order to answer that question, we need to take a closer look at the term ‘illusion’.

An illusion is a thing that is wrongly perceived, based upon something that is real.


Hearing voices in the sound of running water would be an illusion.


A hallucination on the other hand, is a distorted perception in the absence of a stimulus, like hearing voices regardless of the environment.


Another example of an illusion is a Fata Morgana.
















Fata Morganas are superior mirages, seen in a narrow band right above the horizon. The mirage is based upon something that is real, which often becomes completely unrecognizable.

The way our brain perceives things, works just like an illusion. We are physically surrounded by a reality. Our senses interact with it, by creating signals that travel to our brain. Then those signals enter our consciousness, and an imagined world appears that is based upon something real.


Why did I just explain all this?

Because according to my theory, the entire universe is an illusion. There is a real world where “The All Together” originates from.



There’s a thing Albert Einstein considered too weird to be real: a black hole.


The universe is the totality of spacetime and everything that exists therein.
A black hole however, is an empty region of space and time. It’s a point of infinite mass, packed into an infinitely small space, with infinite gravity and infinite density.


This means black holes are unbeatable at being small and compact, and they are 100% dense, and for that reason completely impenetrable. There is no room left for contact with anything but itself. There is no common ground for a connection to happen between black holes and anything in the universe.


Not only are they completely untouchable, they are also invisible. Light that enters a black hole, is sucked in by its immense gravity, and can never come back out.

No contact... How do we know they exist?

Black holes greatly affect their surroundings. Their huge gravitational force attract matter and even gigantic suns. Also they somehow absorb mass from their surroundings, and cut things out of the universe.


Their enormous gravitational potential is also exploited to make energy.

Black hole jets are jets of radiation that send out gas. Not just any gas, gas that is absolutely essential for any star to form.

These emissions of huge energy are part of the growing body of evidence that black holes have a history of outbursts that have reached across the cosmos and shaped the entire universe.


Within every black hole, there is a point called “spacetime singularity”.


According the big bang theory, a spacetime singularity also lays at the very beginning of the universe. Somehow, the whole universe erupted from an empty untouchable point just outside the universe.














So basically, the whole universe seems to originate from a black hole. Also these holes appear to dominate the universe. And they stop things from being part of the universe, by cutting things out of existence.

Let’s revisit something I explained before:

A fata morgana is an unreal mirage of an object that is real. Without that real object, the mirage would not come into existence. The object is what shapes the mirage during its entire existence. If you remove the object, also the mirage disappears.

My theory says the entire universe is an illusion. Which simply means the universe is based upon a reality, a world that exists independently of our universe.

An illusion can never be part of reality, there has to be a gap between the real world, and the illusive world that originates from it. Otherwise, the illusive world would be part of reality, and therefor be real.

The gap between an illusion and a reality is always the perceiver, since an illusion is defined as “the distorted perception of something that is real”.

A magic trick is only successful, when someone is watching. Without a spectator, no one is tricked, and no illusion occurs.

This implies that something perceives the entire universe.



Perception involves becoming aware of one's environment in a way that is strongly influenced by transferring signals or messages between a sender and a receiver.

The exchange of information, also known as ‘communication’, is an essential part of observation. Something has to be in contact with both reality and illusion, so information can travel, and get distorted.


Let us try to find the medium that connects reality and illusion, from our very own location in the universe: planet Earth.


There is in fact something our planet is extremely

well connected to: THE SUN.


Here follows a brief overview of some sun-earth communication:


Electromagnetic radiation

The sun sends us light.
Perhaps the most remarkable feature of light is the capacity to transport information.

Visible light enables us to see what is around us.

But not all light is visible to the eye.


From highest energy to lowest energy the forms of light are Gamma rays, X-rays, Ultraviolet, Visible, Infrared, Radio.




Also invisible light transmits energy and information. Think about x-ray scans and radio waves.




The sun influences the planetary surface temperature by emitting infrared radiation (IR), and influences the earth's atmosphere by its ultraviolet light (UV).



This is the process used by plants and other organisms to convert the energy of sunlight into chemical energy, which provides the air we breath, the food we eat, and it drives Earth’s climate and weather. 





Solar flares

These enormous bursts of energy affect the gas in the upper part of our atmosphere in the same way electricity lights up the gas in a neon light bulb.


Coronal Mass Ejections

At times, the sun even shoots hot plasma into space. A coronal mass ejection could hit our planet like a cosmic tsunami.


Sound waves

The atmospheric circulation inside the sun produces sound waves.

People use sound waves to conduct conversation, but these waves can also be used to determine temperature, density and interior composition of planets.

Bats use these signals to locate insects, and we use sound based imaging techniques for viewing a developing fetus during pregnancy.












The sun is a star that contains 99,86% of the total mass of the solar system.














The immense force of solar gravity moves our planet in space. Wherever the sun goes, earth goes.













All these methods of communication and forms of contact give the sun complete knowledge and control over the Earth’s location, movement and composition. What happens on Earth is perfectly controlled by the sun.

So what about the rest of the universe?
The Sun is one star amongst over one septillion (10^42) others. All these stars control everything around them, and in fact the entire universe.

Our universe has 3 dimensions. My theory says reality has 4 dimensions. Within that 4D world, there is a watcher that wrongly perceives the 4D world. The universe is an illusory 3D projection of that 4D world.














Every star is a 3D representation of that 4D watcher; therefor let’s call it the ‘Stellar Observer’.

The way things came into existence, the way things move and change, and the way things are cut out of the existence, works according the exact same pattern of how an illusion works.

As explained before: illusion and reality can never touch, there has to be a barrier between both worlds, otherwise the illusory would be part of reality, and therefor be real.

If the universe is an illusion, there should be something completely none-universe-like where it originates from.

Black holes are untouchable in every single way, and dominate all within the universe.

We need massive suns in order for black holes and black hole jets to occur. No black hole would exist without the explosion of a supermassive sun, and no black holes jet could occur without a quasar, which is a special kind of star that is the brightest object in the universe.





Stars are the essential gateway between the universe and black holes.

Everything that comes in or leaves the universe, goes through stars. These stars keep controlling all inside the universe until something departs from the universe.

Under the influence of black holes, suns observe and control the complete universe.

Black holes are the representation of reality.


Gravity is something we accept yet fully have to understand.


However, it is one of the fundamental forces of the universe.


Objects that take up space and have mass are called matter. Gravity is a force pulling together all matter. The more matter, the greater the amount of gravity.


The force of gravity is unstoppable. It travels through any intervening matter.


The strength of a gravitational field gets less the further away from the source, but it never goes zero. The reach of gravity within the universe is infinite.


Gravity attracts, oversees, warps, shapes, makes and breaks all matter.


In general relativity, the effects of gravity are ascribed to spacetime curvature instead of to a force.  This spacetime is a mathematical model that combines space and time into a single interlaced field. 


Spacetime tells matter how to move, matter tells spacetime how to curve.


Newton’s First Law states that every object in a state of constant motion tends to remain in that state unless an external force is applied to it.












According to this law, we orbit the sun because Earth has a velocity in the direction perpendicular to the force of the sun's pull. If the sun weren't there, the earth would travel in a straight line.


Einstein found an orbit actually IS something travelling in a straight line. When something is freefalling towards another object, it really is just moving in a straight line through spacetime. However, the curvature of spacetime bends its path into a closed orbit. Earth actually thinks it’s going in a straight line towards the sun, but it travels in curved spacetime.


Gravity has some striking features:




Humans, and even small insects, can easily defeat the gravitational pull of our gigantic planet. A tiny magnet, lifting a paperclip from a table, overpowers the entire mass of the earth. Compared to the other fundamental forces of the universe, gravity is extremely weak.




It seems counterintuitive, but if I drop a heavy object and a much lighter one, they will hit the ground at the exact same time.


Gravity attracts all objects with the same speed, regardless of their mass.




To calculate the gravitational pull between 2 objects, we need the universal gravitational constant G. This constant gives us the correct force of gravity no matter the value of the masses or the distance between them.


Recently the value of G has been called into question by new measurements, and still there is no new agreement since newfound values differ.


Also, we don’t know what exactly this constant represents, just like how we don’t know what the constant PI actually represents.




Gravity is an action at a distance, but there is no physical medium through which it travels.


Nonetheless, it does somehow travel. No one knows how empty space curves and how it affects the path of objects.




Perhaps the most drastic consequence of Einstein’s description of gravity is the existence of spacetime singularities.


The initial state of the universe, at the beginning of the Big Bang, was a singularity. Another type of singularity we find in every black hole.

A spacetime singularity is an empty region of spacetime, where the laws of physics as we know them cease to operate.


Many theories in physics have mathematical singularities of one kind or another. This is generally a sign for a missing piece in the theory.




All forces in the universe have a known counterforce, except for gravity.

So where does gravity come from?


Gravitational pull is believed to have energy by default.




Gravity can bend light as it travels towards the observer.





This is called "gravitational lensing".


The lensing observed in the universe, is not accounted for by its surrounding mass. In fact, there’s a huge difference. An enormous amount of mass seems to be missing.


 This may imply the following:

  1. The way we understand gravity is incorrect.

  2. There is dark energy.


Dark energy comes from dark matter, a postulated kind of matter that accounts for gravitational effects, which appear to be the result of invisible mass.


We know how much dark energy there is because we know how it affects the universe. Other than that it is a complete mystery, but an important mystery. It turns out that roughly 68% of the Universe would be dark energy and 27% would be dark matter. All ‘normal’ matter adds up to less than 5%.

Let me recapitulate: Gravity is another term for the curvature of spacetime. Matter and energy cause spacetime to curve. So if the universe can't curve, because gravity doesn't exist, then there can be no matter or energy within it.


Furthermore, without gravity, no stars or planets could form, cause they are held together by its force.


Gravity is a primary necessity for the universe to exist. So much, that if you could turn off gravity, it is mathematically predicted that space and time would also vanish.


Gravity is what creates and captures. Its control over the universe is total.


Another thing we know for sure is that spacetime can curve or better said: “carry tensions”, but there is nothing substantial to carry that tension, since spacetime is completely matterless.

It is inconceivable that a force can be transmitted in complete empty space. Still gravity seems to do so.


As I explained before, everything in the universe is a distorted perception of a 4D reality.  All matter is the materialization of that perceived illusion. Spacetime however, is matterless. Yet, the entire universe acts regarding this unphysical thing.


My theory implies the following.: The watcher in the 4D world does not perceive what spacetime represents in reality. And therefor cannot translate it into something material, into something universe-like.


The senses of the watcher do not touch nor connect with something that is actually substantial and concrete, in the 4D reality. That physical spacetime is not perceived. So here in the 3d illusion, the authentic spacetime is represented only by its effects, and apart from these effects, it is left completely blank. It is filtered out.


An illusion is a distorted perception of something that is real. It is very likely that the lack of perceiving what spacetime represents in reality is exactly what distorts the perception of the 4D watcher. Not perceiving real spacetime,

is that very distortion every perception needs to extract an illusion from reality. 

The lack of perceiving substantial spacetime in the 4D reality is what lays at the base of the illusive 3D universe, where gravity seems to have force by default.

This explains why the force of gravity is entirely fundamental for the illusive universe to occur. The fact that spacetime is not materialized is the key to our existence, it is the counterforce of gravity.



To get back to Newton’s first law: In a way, our planet is not aware it orbs the sun. It thinks it’s travelling in a straight line towards it. But in fact the Earth has an even greater path. It is travelling in a straight line towards a black hole.

This applies for everything within the universe.


We are an illusive projection pulled from reality, pushed inside the universe and given shape by black holes. Gravity forms matter and moves it.  We are held captive in the web called spacetime.
Our time left in the universe is subject to the quirks of stars, since stars guide matter to black holes. As I explained before: no supernovae explosion, no black hole.

Timewise, our path is stretched by gravity. The length of that path is impossible to predict. But its direction isn’t. Everything in the universe is traveling in spacetime towards a black hole, using the shortest path available.

As for our planet, this does not imply it will inevitably ever reach a black hole. There is another way for the complete universe to vanish, which shall be explained later.




Usually, the term ‘light’ refers to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of any wavelength.


A ray of light has electric and magnetic vibration. They are interwoven and inseparable.





In the universe, EMR is everywhere. It comes from our sun, our moon (which reflects it), the over one septillion stars in the universe and things like fire, lightning, light bulbs, and so on.


Electro magnetism is one of the four basic forces of the universe.


Just like gravity, light has very peculiar properties:



Light exhibits properties of particles; meanwhile it exhibits the properties of a wave.  We are unable to tell whether light is a wave, or consists out of particles.
So currently we believe light is both. This is called the wave-particle duality.



If you move towards light or away from it, its speed will not change.














The speed of light is constant, and does not depend on the speed of its source or its observer.



Wave motion transfers energy from one point to the other.

Sound for example, is a mechanical wave that results from the back and forth vibration of the particles of the medium through which the sound wave is moving. An example of such medium is air or water.

Light travels without a medium to pass through. Therefore, its energy can travel along in a space entirely empty of matter.

We don’t know how such thing is possible.


What we do know is that light is a way of transferring energy through space. Light means information is on the move.

Light is the fastest thing in the universe.

C, a universal constant, is the maximum speed at which all matter and information in the universe can travel.


The speed of light in vacuum is about 300,000,000 meters per second.


Speed is a measure of how quickly an object moves from one place to another.


So to measure speed we use space and time, which are intertwined as spacetime.


Since nothing can travel faster than light, EMR shows us the maximum capacity of spacetime.


Light dictates which distance can be traveled in one second, and shows us how much space a certain amount of time can hold.  


My theory says EMR is bigger and faster than we think it is. Light is too big and fast for spacetime, and spacetime is too limited to fully capture light.


In a way, light sticks out of the universe.







The movement of light seems unsuspicious and fluent to us. But in fact, electromagnetic radiation blinks in and out of spacetime because its size and speed exceed our mechanism of measurement.


Seen from our universe, it looks like light has no medium through which it travels. Obviously light has a medium, it just lays outside of the universe. Therefor we can’t perceive it.


Lets say the world inside the screen presents our 3D universe, and I’m in the 4D world.










The universe can only see me when I’m in the blue zone. If I leave that zone to hang around in the 4D world, the 3D world freezes in relation to me. Meanwhile, in the 4D world I can do anything I like. When I go back to the blue zone, the universe unfreezes in time and will think I never left.


If I want to stop moving in the 4D world, but be completely part of the 3D universe, then the screen would have to be all around me, leaving me not one gap to escape. All parts of that fully enclosing screen would have to be in the exact same time. Only then, I would be in the same frame of reference as the 3D universe, and no longer blink in an out of it. I would no longer have access to the 4D world.

Not only is electromagnetic radiation too big and too fast for the universe, it can also cut matter from the universe by fully surrounding matter at the exact same time.

Light is the membrane of the universe, since it’s the first and last thing you will encounter during your presence in spacetime.


It actually is known that, where matter exits the universe, light is frozen. The original term for a black hole is a “frozen star”, because at the event horizon, light is stationary in time.





An event horizon can be thought of as the boundary of a black hole, because when something passes the event horizon, it can no longer escape the black hole.









People think when light and matter pass this point of no return they will continue falling towards the center of the black hole until they reach the singularity. But there is no such thing as the center of a black hole. The closed shape of frozen light is the edge of the universe. Beyond the edge, there is nothing we can connect with.


Light itself doesn’t actually move through the universe. It moves through a medium that lays outside of spacetime, and blinks in and out of our universe.


Electromagnetic radiation always stays at the border of the universe. It is the membrane that shows us the maximum capacity of spacetime. This capacity stays the same regardless of how fast you travel through the universe. Only when you exceed the speed of light, light opens and becomes ‘a frozen star’. As long as you’re in the universe, light is just light.





But now the question is:

How can you possibly get inside a closed shape of the same timeless light? How does light open?


The occurrence of an illusion is the mechanism that created the universe. This exact same mechanism also destroys it.

In order to help you understand, lets say the universe has two dimensions and is based upon a reality that has three.











If there was a 3D circular helix between both worlds, there would be no physical puncture in spacetime, nonetheless there would be a hidden pathway to travel through.

No matter how close we are to the helix, from within the 2D universe, the 3D helix would always look like a 2D disk.

Only if our size in space and time becomes too big, we are pushed against light. Instead of being squashed against a disk, we would enter the helix.


In the center of the helix, we would not be able to look into the universe but be fully surrounded by the same light. We would be inside a closed shape of light that is frozen in time.
Before we could realize we’re cut from the universe, we would already be gone.
This entire process is a trick, because we wrongfully perceive the helix.





In 1967 scientists discovered a signal in space that turns on and off. They found out the signal came from a rapidly rotating star called Pulsars (short for ‘Pulsating Star’). A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. Neutron stars are the densest and smallest stars known to exist in the universe.


Unlike other stars, pulsars do not emit in all directions at once. The radio emission from a neutron star is collimated into a beacon.


In the same way a lighthouse can only be seen when the light is pointed in the direction of an observer, there is a pulsed appearance of emission as a pulsar rotates.







Nothing else in the astronomical universe is known to do such thing. 


How pulsars emit their radiation is still not explained.


According to this theory, these stars are at the border of the universe, in the region where light starts to surround matter.




They are inside of light, but have not yet reached the center.

Light starts to freeze around them, and therefor blocks their radiation into the universe.


A neutron star is matter barely holding up before it collapses and disconnects from our universe.





Faster than light travel is a controversial subject. According to special relativity, anything that could travel faster than light would move backwards in time.

This would require infinite energy.


The thing is: if something could travel faster than light, it would not move past light nor go back in time. It would go through light and disconnect from spacetime. Once outside of spacetime, there is a different frame of reference that exists independently of our universe.
Outside of the universe you can’t travel backwards in time since there is no time available that is universe-like.


It is not my aim to enforce my theory onto others.

Mainly I want to inspire people to question their surroundings and discover fresh understandings.

We will never be part of reality, but we can get closer towards it.